Seepage Pit R18-9-A311(B) Analysis

Check your location / site for the proposed seepage pit to determine if it is in or out of the Basin and Range Alluvium.

Enter a latitude/longitude coordinate in decimal degrees or in degrees minutes seconds and click the Submit button. Coordinates are limited to Arizona and should be as accurate and precise as possible for the parcel location.

This map is presented as one possible tool to demonstrate that the proposed seepage pit may be within the requirements specified in R18-9-A311(B). It is possible that ADEQ may require additional sources of data to demonstrate compliance because of map or other limitations. This map is based on digitized maps and latitude/longitude information entered by the applicant and there may be significant errors in the map presented and should be verified by the applicant prior to submittal to ADEQ or delegated agency. Other data sources or field data may be necessary to demonstrate the location complies with R18-9-A311(B).

Required Coordinates
  -110.175 or 110 10.5 or 110 10 30.0

Optional Report Header   (Not used to locate property)
Owner Name: